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Alejandro Santiago

Born in 1964 in Teococuilco de Marcos Pérez in Oaxaca, a small town located in the northern Sierra Zapoteca. He left his home town when he was 9 years old, when his family moved to the city looking for better educational opportunities. Alejandro Santiago passed away on june 22nd 2013 in his native Oaxaca.

After studying art in Oaxaca, the artist worked in the United States and Europe for 10 years. His work has been exhibited in many cities, including Paris, Brussels and San Francisco.

The work of Alejandro Santiago moves among many worlds, that’s why he plays a good roll as ambassador in the intersection of north and south, past and present, dreams and reality.

His original style reveals the influence of expressionism. It is marked by his strong strokes, textures and great gestures. His compositions stablish a clear dialogue with the viewer, who unveils the work at the time he observes.

Today, Alejandro Santiago is an artist who stands out in the Mexican artistic circle, because his particularities give him an individuality stamp. He is considered one of the latest mexican masters

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