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Mauricio Cervantes

Mauricio Cervantes has been part of countless individual and collective exhibitions in Mexico and abroad. His work can be found in several public and private collections. In 1994 he was awarded with an Honorific Mention at the IX Biennial of Paintig Rufino Tamayo. He was born in Mexico City in 1965.

In a personal way, Mauricio Cervantes has a very special interest for the physical and chemical processes that transform objects through time; this is a central part of his work since part of his technique consists in using processes like erosion and oxidation as visual elements that compose symbolic shapes within his pieces. The use of hydraulic floor tiles has allowed him to boost the methaphor that wraps his work. He defines this support as “a contemporary version of fresco”.

The silhouette is the shape that articulates his work thematically; silhouettes which work as shadows and give figures a timeless characater, and intensifies the idea of the passing away of time. Another key aspect of his pieces is the presence of the “femenine” as part of a universal human condition; therefore, the silhouettes or certain shapes refer us to that concept. Mauricio pays tribute to the concept of “femenine” as an onthological element.

On the other hand, with his innovative technique he discovers “the possibilities that pictoric practices have when they outstand the conventional limits”, as he says. He invites us to discover, to imagine and to create a timeless space.


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