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Pedro Friedeberg

Mexican by adoption, Pedro Friedeberg is an artist who has long been incorporated into the aesthetic imaginary of his country. He renders visual discourse in the most diverse forms imaginable, including painting, sculpture, graphic arts and object art, among others. Friedeberg’s style can be described as somewhere between Surrealism and Op Art, derived from geometrics.

When young, he was heavily influenced by Art Nouveau illustrations, especially those by Aubrey Beardsley. Subsequently, Op artist Victor Vasarely and Britain’s Bridget Riley served as the inspiration that ultimately defined his style.

He has exhibited in places like The National Polytechnic Institute (Mexico), Cube Cultural Center in Tijuana (2010), Zocalo Capitalino in downtown Mexico City (2010), Palacio Municipal de Puebla (2010), Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City (2009), the Cultural Center of Aguascalientes (2005), History Museum of Monterrey (2002), the Museum of Modern Art (1986), Ruiz Healey Gallery in San Antonio, Texas (2008) and Reyna Henaine Gallery in New York (2009). He has won awards such as the Medal of Fine Arts INBA (2012), the National Legion of Honour (2012) and the XI Graphic Biennial of Japan (1984).

His work can be found in collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico and the Televisa collection. In the United States, the Museums of Modern Art in Chicago and New Orleans and in the collection of the Congress Library in Washington, among others. In Canada, in the National Library of Research and the Science Museum of Toronto; In France, in the Louvre Museum and the D’Art Moderne de la Ville in Paris; in Italy at the Cavalino Museum, as well as collections in Israel, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Argentina, not to mention others.

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